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Choosing a Wedding Consultant

A wedding Consultant can save you hundreds of hours of running around and often thousands of dollars if you choose wisely. If you are even considering using a wedding consultant you must read this 20 point Wedding Consultant check list.

1. How long has the Wedding Consultant been in business?

2. How many weddings does the Wedding Consultant do a year?

3. Will the Wedding Consultant work within your budget?

4. How and what amount does the Wedding Consultant charge....and what do you get for their fee? 

5. Check out well the referrals that the Wedding Consultant gives you. Do they have good reputation in the local wedding industry?

6. Does the Wedding Consultant seem organized, efficient, able to listen to your ideas and translate them into reality?

7. Are there any additional costs you may incur?

8. How often will the Wedding Consultant provide you with written updates on your wedding planning?

9. Does the Wedding Consultant have a contract? Ask for a copy.  Make sure you are happy with the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing!

10. Does the Wedding Consultant qualified back-up person in case he/she becomes unavailable on your wedding day?

11. Does the Wedding Consultant accept referral fees/commissions? These Wedding Consultants may have higher fees due to the referral fees/commissions and referrals may not be based on previous experience

12. What is the Wedding Consultants policy?   Are they able to work with you on an individual meeting basis or do they only work on the full production?

13. Will the Wedding Consultant be at the Rehearsal and Wedding Day throughout? Is this within the fee quoted or is it additional?

14.  If you are paying for services through the Wedding Consultant, will they be using a trust account?   Without a trust account there is limited protection for your money.

15. How will the Wedding Consultant be dressed on the day of the wedding? 

16. If you meet the Wedding Consultant in his/her home, do they have or require liability insurance?

17. What professional organizations does the Wedding Consultant belong to? Are these organizations reputable?

18. What fee/s will the Wedding Consultant charge if the wedding is cancelled or postponed?

19. Does the Wedding Consultant make you feel comfortable?

20.  Does the Wedding Consultant fit in with yours or your families religious beliefs?

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