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How to Write a Bridesmaid Speech Introduction:-
The bridesmaid speech is one of the duties of the head bridesmaid (or maid of honour). The bridesmaid speech to the bride and groom and their wedding guests should convey the importance of the day and connect the guests with the couple on a more meaningful level.

Even though the bridesmaid wedding speech seems a bit overwhelming, with a bit of early preparation and creativity, your speech can easily become one of the highlights of the bride and groom's special day. Having the crowd hang on to your every word is as easy as following a few simple Steps.

Step by step guide to a Bridesmaid speech

Step 1 Plan you key points from the ideas below, you only need one or two it’s a bridesmaid speech not a seminar.

  • Stories of what the bride used to share with you about the groom when she first met him.
  • A Poem or Verse or Quote
  • Funny story while growing up
  • How you and the bride met and how long you both have known each other
  • Most "appropriately" embarrassing moment you shared with the bride
  • How beautiful the bride and groom look together
  • Talk about a funny habit of the bride that the groom will have to live with
  • A spiritual statement (if the bride and groom are spiritual people
  • Words of advice to both the bride and groom
  • Wishes you have for the newlyweds (e.g., success, happiness, everlasting love)

Step 2 Choose a funny opening story for you bridesmaid speech, a quirk about the Bride is always good.

Step 3 Close with a heart felt comment.

Tips and Hints to help you write your bridesmaid speech

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 1
Don't forget the basics! It's easy to forget the basic information when you start your bridesmaid speech but do remember to introduce yourself and tell how long you have known the couple as well as your connection to the bride. Many of the wedding guests may not know you so this information is important.

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 2
Remember to thank the bride and groom for allowing you to be a part of their special day. The bride and groom could have chosen anyone but instead they chose you to play such a pivotal role in their day. By acknowledging this in your bridesmaid speech, it shows the couple and the wedding guests that you appreciate them placing you in such a special role. It also shows that you are honoured by their trust in you that they could depend on you to carry out the necessary duties in being a bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 3

Use your history with the bride as a foundation for your bridesmaid speech. Whether you've known the bride since childhood or only for a few months, sharing a special memory between the two of you shows the significance of your bond. It also highlights the positive aspects of the bride's personality that may have been a factor in drawing the bride and groom together. Remember, however, not to embarrass the bride with overly personal stories.

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 4
Use a bit of humour. While adding a joke or one liner to the speech can break the ice and loosen up the crowd a bit, use caution when making a joke. The last thing you want to do is offend the bride and groom or any of the wedding guests. Keep the joke simple and clean.  The best speech givers follow three simple rules the 3 S’s. Stand up. Speak up and then very quickly, Shut Up. By keeping the joke clean and simple, you avoid the risk of losing your audience and your dignity.

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 5

You may use a quote. The most important thing to remember is to choose a quote that is appropriate for the couple. If you want to play it safe, a sentimental quote that speaks about everlasting love is always a good choice.

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 6
Be Creative if you don't want to go the typical route, consider doing something a bit different to honour the couple. Maybe a song or dance or even a slideshow could add a new dimension to the usual bridesmaid speech. If you opt to add a creative touch, remember to choose something that is in line with the couple's taste. A poem is also a nice creative touch to a bridesmaid speech.

Bridesmaid Speech Tip 7
End on a positive note Wind your bridesmaid speech up with positive words for the couple. Wish them a long and happy life together and remember to offer your support.

Preparing your bridesmaid speech well in advance of the day and practicing it over and over again can you help avoid a case of the stammers and jitters. Don't be afraid to take a few note cards to help you stay on track in the event you lose your place. Above all, have fun and remember that you are honouring the couple on their special day.