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What is a bridal emergency kit? A bridal emergency kit is a few essential items every bride should pack and take on her wedding day. These few items listed below will help you avoid disaster should any thing go wrong on your wedding day.

Headache tablets make sure you take ones you have used before you don't want them making you sick.
Moist Towelettes pre-tested on a discreet part of the dress to remove any marks which may happen on the day.

Band Aids for blisters from new shoes or a cut finger (blood really shows on white!)
Tissues just in case of tears or blotting lipstick (you don't want it on your teeth in your photos)
Eye drops to clear up red eyes (you may not sleep well the night before let alone the tears).
Spare stockings especially if the bride or bridesmaids do not have full length dresses.

Needle, Cotton and Safety Pins just in case.

Hair Spray and Clips for fly-away hair.

Lipstick and Powder Compact to keep the bride looking her best.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste to keep the bride smile perfect.

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Bridal Emergency Kit  No bride should be without one!  Avoid disaster on your wedding day by putting together a few little items.