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Best Man Speech Idea

The Speech below is a sample best man speech. It is up to you how long you choose to make your best man speech. The sample best man speech below should give you some great ideas to write your own best man speech.

Sample Best Man, Brother of the Groom Wedding Toast

Good Evening! I’m standing up here tonight, pretty boastful I have to admit, of my brother, Mark, and his bride Amanda. I have come to sing their praises, and if I happen to embarrass either one of them in the process, I apologize right now!

On behalf of our family, we want to welcome each of you to the wedding today. It is a true testament to Mark and Amanda that you have taken time from your busy schedule to come and witness their marriage. I have never seen a more beautiful bride than Amanda, and my brother looks just plain button busting proud, doesn’t he? Mark and Amanda do not come lightly into this marriage. They have each led successful lives up to this point, and each is a wonderful individual alone. However, as wonderful and unique each of them is, together they make the perfect couple!

Mark, a man of patience, has become even more patient since seeing Amanda. He also has a warmer heart, a wonderful glow of love about him, and family has taken on a new meaning for him. We have always been brothers, but we are now friends. He has a stronger tie to the family now, and it’s a wonderful transformation to watch him take on the role of husband and start a new household. I know that if he models our parents, Chris and Jennie, then he will be a wonderful mate for this woman he loves so much.

Amanda is a terrific woman. She lights up with love when she sees my brother and her traits read like a list of “who’s who?” She is compassionate, filled with laughter, grounded and happy. She is honest, trustful, faithful, sweet, kind, warm hearted and intelligent. So, Amanda, when you have the first child, remember, the spelling of his name should be A-N-D-R-E-W! No, I’m just kidding. I’m saying all these wonderful things about you because you are truly a wonderful person and we welcome you into our family with open arms!

I always admired the tenacity that these two had while they were dating! While he was in medical school, Mark would travel by train two hours to New York City to meet and date Amanda! Amanda also, for over a year, would travel a long distance just to be with Mark. I wonder how they’ll fill their free time since they won’t be traveling any more? Oh, yeah, they’re newlyweds. They’ll find “something” to do!

I feel blessed to be Mark’s younger brother. He has been a friend, mentor and role model for me. I am so happy that he has found this woman filled with perfection to spend the rest of his life with. Together, they should see many years of success, both personally and professionally, and they should enjoy immense happiness, just by being together!

I don’t have much advice for the newlyweds, because I really have no experience to speak from. But, if I had any advise, it might just be to Mark. That would be to keep the seat down, never fight before you go to bed, and to always say “yes dear”, except if Amanda happens to ask “does this make me look fat?”.Everyone, I’d like you to raise your glass and toast my brother Mark and his new bride, Amanda.

May the future hold your happiness,
May the future hold your health.
May your heart hold your love,
And may your arms hold your babies, yet to come.
Here’s to your future happiness together!